Tuesday, June 2, 2015

scientia potentia est with JBoss Data Virtualization

The phrase "scientia potentia est" is a Latin aphorism often meaning "knowledge is power" and is commonly attributed to Sir Francis Bacon.  In a business, the ability to gain power from knowledge comes from fast and accurate access and analysis of data. By integrating and virtualizing data with an open solution, JBoss Data Virtualization, your IT department can simplify data access, improve data quality and compliance, and deliver the information and responsiveness your business needs to make better business decisions.  Watch the video below to see how to effectively optimize and grow your business with Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization.
Without a data virtualization strategy, you risk knowing less about your customer, delivering fewer real-time business insights, losing competitive advantage, and spending more to address data challenges. - FORRESTER RESEARCH

As described through the video, make your data work for you.  

Maximize return on assets:  Gain critical business insights by making all data easily consumable by people who need it.
  • Improve the use of data assets.
  • Derive more value from existing hardware and storage investments.
  • Complement existing integration technologies like service-oriented architecture (SOA); enterprise application integration (EAI); and extract, transform, and load (ETL).
Boost agility and respond faster to change:   Model-driven graphical design and development environments let you respond faster to change and improve your staff's efficiency. Your data virtualization projects are completed faster, so you realize benefits sooner.
  • Better and faster than hand-coding and physically copying and moving data
  • Faster and less costly than batch data movement
  • Optimized development and maintenance with loose coupling
Increase employee productivity for faster time to value:  JBoss Data Virtualization gives your organization the unified information it needs to increase revenue and reduce costs by:
  • Delivering data in the right form, at the right time, to the right people.
  • Providing decision support and greatly enhancing the value of business intelligence (BI) with a complete view of the information you need.
  • Allowing the mixing of on-premise data with cloud data, and real-time operational data with historical information.
Improve information control and compliance:  Data virtualization layers deliver data firewall functionality. JBoss Data Virtualization improves data quality with:
  • Centralized data authentication, access control, and policy enforcement.
  • Robust security infrastructure and auditing.
  • Reduced risk with fewer physical copies of data.
The metadata repository catalogs enterprise data locations and the relationships between the data in various data stores, creating transparency and visibility.

Learn more about Use Cases through this introduction and the first of the Data Virtualization Primer Series: http://redhat.slides.com/kennethwpeeples/dvprimer-introduction