Thursday, August 14, 2014

Fuse and A-MQ 6.1 Websocket Demo

We have updated the HTML5 Websocket demonstration for Fuse and A-MQ 6.1. The
demonstration is easy to build and run. The quick steps are below as well as the videos.

A-MQ 6.1 Websocket Demonstration Github Repository:
Fuse 6.1 Websocket Demonstration Github Repository:

Step 1: See README in 'installs' directory
Step 2: Add the Product
Step 3: Run '' & read output
Step 4: Setup JBDS for project import, add the server
Step 5: Import projects
Step 6: Start the server through the command line or JBDS
Step 7: Install the activemq-websocket war file

karaf@root>install -s webbundle:mvn:com.fusesource.examples.websocket/web/1.0/war?Web-ContextPath=/activemq-websocket

Step 8: Start Feeder application, which will populate randomly data (stock prices) and publish them in a topic which is the topic used by websocket to expose the date to the web browser. You will find this in the 'support' directory.

Step 9: Open your web browser and point to the following URL: 


Step 10: Click on connect button, login is 'guest':'password'

consult stock prices!