Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Fuse Service Works Working Session in Madrid

This week we are having some Fuse Service Works Goodness in Madrid with a great group.   In the picture we have myself, Ben Long, Ivan McKinley, Jorges Morales and Jochen Cordes.  We are spending this week talking all things Fuse Service Works.  We have also taken some time in the evening for our host, Jorges, to show us some of the great sites of Madrid.  My favorite has been the King's palace and was going to knock on the door to see if we could hang out with him but that seemed to be frowned upon.  Maybe next time we can hang out with him walking through the palace.  We are discussing some items I have listed below which will be able to share with everyone at some point.  We have had great discussions with Keith Babo, Rob Cernich, Alan Santos and Gary Brown.

Some topics we are discussing this week:
-Migrations to Fuse Service Works
-Fuse Service Works with Docker
-Best Practices and Recommended Guidance for Fuse Service Works
-Use Cases
-Fuse Service Works Documentation
-Fuse Service Works Product Roadmap
-Run Time Governance Technology Deep Dive
-Design Time Governance Technology Deep Dive
-Switchyard Deep Dive
-Demos to share

We look forward to the rest of the week and we will share more of our work over the next couple of months.