Monday, July 27, 2015

Suggested Minimum Requirements for Data Virtualization Server and Designer

This week I wanted to share some minimum requirement recommendations for Data Virtualization (Teiid) Server and Designer which are below.  You can find more detail in the Product Documentation such as the three considerations that help determine the minimal JVM footprint - concurrency, data volume and plan processing.  Also you can find more detailed environment recommendations through the sizing tool.  The JBoss Data Virtualization Sizing Architecture Tool is a simple web application that helps plan your JBoss Data Virtualization deployment.  It presents a series of questions to gather information about the business environment for the deployment. When all questions are answered, the tool recommends a JBoss Data Virtualization configuration to support the business requirement. This recommendation includes:
  • The recommended number of servers
  • The recommended number of cores
  • How much memory is required, and the JVM size for needed, for each node
The following recommended minimum requirements should be thought of as a starting point. These should be adjusted from the additional suggestions from the formulas in the product documentation, sizing tool and based on expected usage.

JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack (Teiid Designer) – without application server
  • 2 GB RAM will get you started, but more is needed for large models
  • Modern Processor
  • 500 MB disk space for installed product files
  • 2+GB for model projects and related artifacts

The minimum sizing for the DV server is:
  • 16 GB JVM memory size
  • Modern multi-core (dual or better) processor or multi-socket system with modern multi-core processors
  • 20+ GB Disk Space that's needed for JBoss server product and DV components:
  • 1 GB disk for installed product files
  • 5+ GB for log files and deployed artifacts
  • 15 GB (default) for BufferManager maxBufferSpace
  • If Modeshape (repository) will be used, will need to bump up the file space by a minimum 5GB more.