Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Teiid Designer Diagram Model Size

Teiid Designer in the JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack (JBDIS) contains different preferences that allows the Developer to customize their development experience.  We will highlight one of the preferences in this article.

Teiid Designer is a visual tool that enables rapid, model-driven definition, integration, management and testing of data services without programming using the Data Virtualization (Teiid) runtime framework.  Teiid Designer is a part of the JBoss Developer Studio Integration Stack.  The JBoss Tools integration stack is a set of Eclipse plugins that add support for JBoss SOA, Data Virtualization and Business rules related frameworks, such as Drools, Teiid, jbpm, SwitchYard, Fuse, etc.

One of the Teiid Designer preferences is the Diagram Settings.  One of the settings is the Model Size.  Since displaying very large diagrams may take a considerably long time, this preference allows users to set an upper limit on the number of objects to display in a diagram.  If this limit is exceeded, a warning message is displayed to the user and the diagram is not constructed.

To get to this setting click on Window in the menu and then Preferences.

Within the Preferences window, after clicking the Teiid Designer preferences, the preferences will show in the left which include General, Diagram, Editor and Validation settings.

After clicking on the Diagram Preferences, the settings window will display.

The Model Size default is 20000 and can be changed to a larger value.

To find out more about the Teiid Preferences you can take a look at the Product Documentation.

To find out more about how to integrate faster with Red Hat JBoss Middleware and Data Virtualization (DV) you can take a look at the DV Product Pages.